A book about how to thrive in the modern day, Get SAVVI shows you in a practical way how to lead, love and live your best life. And with inspiration from household names along the way, this book will help you transform your life.

“I believe success comes in many guises. In my story and in those of my clients – and hopefully in yours – success means personal happiness, loving relationships, good health, career satisfaction, wealth, charitable giving and a nurturing spiritual life. I hope this book will help you achieve these in your everyday life” – Rita Chowdhry

Through Rita’s framework called SAVVI, the three central characters based on real-life stories transformed their lives. Through the five principles of SAVVI, Zara, Arun and Jay are taken on individual journeys that see them identify their weaknesses, build on their strengths, understand what they value and ultimately flourish for themselves and for each other.

While the three entwined stories examine the intricacies of success, professional and personal relationships, finding one’s purpose, and how to achieve these in our everyday lives, Rita speaks to the likes of Lord David Blunkett, politician Nicky Morgan and hotelier Jasminder Singh to explain how they have adopted the SAVVI principles in their lives in order to achieve their idea of success and fulfillment.
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