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Rita’s help has been tremendous. Coaching made me set some ambitious goals and I have completely changed the way I do things and am now focusing on life in a completely different way. Work is going well and I have made great progress - sales have increased 33% in one year. Coaching helped me work out what values were important to me and what to look for in a partner and I now have an incredible woman in my life.

Jeevan Seth, Managing Director
Just Taps

I have been working with Rita for a year. Her coaching has given me powerful insights into my personality and behaviour patterns both positive and negative. This awareness has allowed me, with Rita’s guidance, to work through my blocks and helped carve out goals and success targets for the coming year. This includes becoming an industry influencer, higher profile writing and public speaking and securing a new C-suite level role.

Angela Malik-Agarwal, Partner
Think Hospitality

I was introduced to Rita when I was on a career break after having my children and am lucky to have her as a mentor and coach.  Rita helped me to bring all the aspects of my life (family, work, personal etc) into balance and held me accountable to the action points we came up with to ensure I was making progress all round. We worked out what values were important to me to ensure I was totally aligned with my partner as well as with our goals individually.

 I work part-time as a business consultant and am a networking officer for a global leadership community; I am much more confident about my future as a result of my sessions with Rita. Her experience and bubbly yet warm nature made me feel welcome, and I was able to discuss things openly within a safe and trusted environment.

Krupa Patel, Project Manager Consultant
Day Lewis

Rita Chowdhry is an inspirational and highly thoughtful coach. She has helped me find insights into my own personal blockers. Rita genuinely seeks to bring out the best in you and guides you to grow, through practical strategies and tools.

Sangha Chakravarty, Managing Director
InvictIQ- Transforming Social Care Businesses

I found Rita to be very approachable and easy to talk to.  With each session I learnt something new about myself, but the most important things I learnt were about my personality (both strengths and weaknesses) and where my basic needs weren’t being met.  Coaching has helped me with many areas of my life but the biggest change has been in my work.  I am feeling much more confident and able to “give things a go”.  In the past, if my ideas didn’t work, I would lose confidence and give up.  Now, I’m much more likely to say to myself well, that didn’t work so how can I approach it in a different way?”
I would describe coaching as going on a journey to an unknown destination.  You uncover all sorts of things about yourself that you never knew existed. It’s challenging but also exciting to uncover all these hidden facets to your personality.  I purchased another package because I felt that I wanted to go further on my journey and learn more things about myself.

Glenda Jackson, Yoga Instructor
Rita’s coaching is invaluable, working with her helped me to understand how to better manage myself and others. Not only that, she enabled me to understand my own value, how to articulate that, and subsequently how to achieve a senior leadership role.
Rita’s sessions inspire you to not only develop yourself but also to invest more time and understanding in those around you. I found this in both my professional and personal interactions.
She has a fantastic approach, using her vast knowledge and network to support her clients, and always with a genuine desire to see them succeed in their passion.

Joanna Audley
Continuous Improvement Director
Shaw Trust
Prior to coaching, my ability to deal with stress and issues at work and in my personal life were not so good and often left me feeling negative, emotional and unhappy. But since coaching I now focus on the positives and try not to let the negativity and stress get to me.  Now I spend more time doing things that make me happy. I’m networking more, meeting new people and doing things I would have said ‘No’ to before. I also understand the best way to communicate with those I work with.
I would recommend coaching with Rita because she helped me focus my mind and thoughts; she helped guide me on how to seek success in the things that matter the most and how to deal with stressful situations better. She made me realise my strengths and the areas I excel in.

Anita Kumar
Strategy and Risk Manager
BNP Paribas
My journey with Rita has been a wild one! She has helped in all aspects of my life, from my parenting style, to business, to my relationship with myself.   After a year of working with her I’m a completely different person and family and friends have noticed the positive change in me.  Rita has a professional yet kind manner, which put me at ease during our sessions, and she has always been happy to help, often going above and beyond.

Payal Patel

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