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Rita’s help has been tremendous. Coaching made me set some ambitious goals and I have completely changed the way I do things and am now focusing on life in a completely different way. Work is going well and I have made great progress - sales have increased 33% in one year. Coaching helped me work out what values were important to me and what to look for in a partner and I now have an incredible woman in my life.

Jeevan Seth, Managing Director
Just Taps

I have been working with Rita for a year. Her coaching has given me powerful insights into my personality and behaviour patterns both positive and negative. This awareness has allowed me, with Rita’s guidance, to work through my blocks and helped carve out goals and success targets for the coming year. This includes becoming an industry influencer, higher profile writing and public speaking and securing a new C-suite level role.

Angela Malik-Agarwal, Partner
Think Hospitality

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