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"Finding good people is always a challenge. Using Savran’s profiling tools has really helped us understand how we can improve our leadership and performance. The training Savran has provided me with has been invaluable to my own leadership informing me of what my strengths and weaknesses are and how to better communicate with others; it taught me how to flex and adapt my style of leadership respectively. Savran offers this confidential coaching service that my team really benefits from. It successfully continues to be involved in profiling of our team and the expertise they offer has been extremely valuable.
Not only has Savran enhanced employee engagement, but it has also helped us improve communication, develop effective managers, reduce team turnover and as a result increase profitability. Savran’s uniqueness is about the perfect combination of analytics, psychology, simplicity and accuracy, and of course none of it would be possible without Rita’s unbelievable professionalism, coaching skills and energy."

Avnish Goyal, Managing Director
Hallmark Care Homes

“The most useful training I have ever had!”

Sita Patel, Managing Director
Westgate Healthcare

“What I particularly like about Savran’s approach is its simplicity and accuracy, allowing everyone involved to benefit as an individual, but also to use the approach to better contribute to the team(s) in which or with they work.”

John Comber, CEO
Greenwich Council

“I would not hesitate to recommend Savran to anyone who wishes to gain insight into their teams' strengths.”

Paul Kraftman, CEO
Gift Universe

“Individuals have come out of the workshops motivated, energised and confident within themselves.”

Raju Tuli, Director
Tuli Holdings

“Rita gave me the confidence to set up my own business and over the last three months, my earnings have more than tripled.”

Luke Pigden, Founder
Infinity Fitness

“I have made immediate drastic changes in business strategy which resulted in my net profit increasing by 25%. I have changed the way I manage my staff which has led to one of my team member’s sales revenues increasing by 47% in a month.”

Bradley Smith, Managing Director
Bradley Smith Hair

“I would attribute a significant part of my success this year to the coaching undertaken with Savran.”
(Achieved Outstanding at CQC.)

Mark McDonald, General Manager
Hallmark Care Homes

“The findings found have helped parts of the organisation to re-think issues of diversity and I am truly grateful for such excellent work.”

Senior Police Officer
Metropolitan Police Office

"Spelthorne's engagement in Savran's leadership development programme has been pivotal in providing insight into how senior managers can improve performance, interact and lead."

Daniel Mouawad, CEO
Spelthorne Borough Council

"I am lucky enough to work for a company that invests in its people development and have been working with Rita for the past 18 months. My sessions with her have been truly inspirational, making me feel invigorated and ready to take action after each of them. I can honestly say she helped me find the courage to tackle issues at work, that I would rather have avoided.
Rita was instrumental in building my confidence and realising my worth, resulting in a promotion. I have a much better idea of how I can make best use of my strengths and a clear vision for the future."

Melanie O’Hare, Head of Learning & Development
Day Lewis

"Coaching with Rita has enabled me to look at new ways of thinking and goal setting which has helped me to work smarter.  Her support was invaluable and insightful".

Krista Brewer, Quality & Compliance Manager
Westgate Healthcare

"This course is great for learning or enhancing your leadership skills, and I learned more about the skill sets required. Rita is amazing in driving through various insights and providing the right examples to ensure the learning is fun. It follows introspection, relationships, reflection, experiences and emotions.  This course provided me with the capability to enhance my leadership".

Ganesh Shetty, Head of Finance
Westgate Healthcare

"Rita’s coaching skills are excellent, and I found the experience insightful and rewarding. Through a course of one-to-one sessions, Rita recognised my professional dedication and encouraged me to continue a journey of influencing positive change at various levels.  She provided an independent sounding board with a structured approach to ensure that actions were established, agreed, and discussed at subsequent sessions. Rita’s facilitation skills supported me to positively shape coaching actions and I took several of these forward. It taught me the benefits of considering and applying appropriate strategies and approaches in achieving desired outcomes and goals in the workplace.".

Punita Talwar, Internal Audit Manager
Spelthorne Borough Council

"Rita has provided me with some personal coaching which I found really valuable, particularly when I was dealing with intense workload pressures generated by the need to contribute towards the Council’s emergency COVID-19 response.  She has also worked with a number of our managers and their teams to help improve their effectiveness. With one incoming manager, DISC personality profiling was carried out on all of their team, which enabled the manager from day one in their role to identify underlying management issues and to work most effectively with the team to address those issues.
Rita acts as an excellent role model for female managers and aspiring leaders of communities and organisations.  I would certainly recommend to professional colleagues who are considering how to improve their management performance, and that of their teams, to consider the potential benefits of working with Rita.".

Terry Collier, Deputy Chief Executive
Spelthorne Borough Council

"DayLewis executive team have been working with Rita at Savran since 2018. For me personally, her coaching has been incredibly supportive in both my professional and personal life. I have reached many milestones that I can directly attribute to Rita’s support. Her attention to detail, empathy and pragmatic approach is exactly what every senior leader needs."

Rupa Patel, Executive Director
Day Lewis

"Rita did an amazing workshop for the Concept Ventures team. We were blown away and I learnt a lot. It is amazing how our processes and communication have changed in just 3 days."

Oliver Kicks, Principal
Concept Ventures

"I’ve been receiving coaching from Rita for over four years now and the results have been wholistic and transformational. I’ve got a much better understanding of my own persona, what drives me as well as my personal blind spots. This has resulted in significant improvements in my professional and personal life. Family dynamics are critical to the success of a family business and by spending time supporting the wider family, Rita has enabled us to better understand and support each other during the most challenging of times. She coached me to articulate the future vision for our family-owned pharmacy chain much of which has been successfully executed.
By extending the coaching to my direct reportees, our team cohesion has also improved dramatically. Essentially, she has helped me become a better CEO, husband and father, for which I will always be grateful."

Jay Patel, Executive Director
Day Lewis

I would like to thank Rita for the workshop that she facilitated with myself and the Senior Management Team and General Managers of Halcyon Care Homes. I have had the pleasure of working with Rita for the last five years and can highly recommend her support and coaching to succeeding in both personal and professional development. The workshop was well-led and, whilst virtual, each team member felt comfortable in demonstrating vulnerability; enabling the opportunity for developing relationships for individual and organisational success.  
I would highly recommend the SAVVI approach to any organisation wishing to take the next steps to success.

Daniel Rowark, Managing Director
Halcyon Care Homes
Rita has been a phenomenal coach to me with my career in change management. Having Rita as an advisor has helped me become self-aware and better understand other personality types to improve my communication and influence in the business quicker. As a result of coaching, I would say I have a much better work life balance as I worry less and have a more positive mindset from practising gratitude and setting goals. I would highly recommend Rita as a coach who will push you to think from different perspectives and work to your strengths.

Samantha Talbott, Continuous Improvement Manager
New England Seafood
I have worked with Rita on a balance of work/life issues – from management delegation and performance to career goals and family experiences. The coaching helped me build my own confidence which has achieved real outcomes professionally, including two promotions and a post-graduate degree qualification. Rita provided me with tools and coping mechanisms that I have implemented in my day to day life and in forward planning. The flexibility that the coaching offered was ideal as it allowed us to talk through issues, ideas and routines that related to both my career and my personal life. The coaching has added measurable value to what I can offer my team, the whole organisation and my family life.

Jennifer Medcraff, Head of Communications & Customer Experience
Spelthorne Borough Council

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