Do You Know The Difference Between A Coach And A Mentor?

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Have you ever been told you need a ‘coach’ or ‘mentor’? Perhaps your business hires a coach or mentor, but you’ve never really considered there is any difference between the two. If you are employing either of these, it’s important to take the time to differentiate as each are very different in their own right.

Although there are differences in the way coaching and mentoring is delivered, they do have many similarities (particularly in the workplace):

Benefits of using a Coach and/or Mentor…


Focus Coaches will generally:

This is the reason why success and achieving goals is higher when you work with a coach. A coach will typically ask questions like:
‘What do you want to achieve in your working life?’
‘What obstacles could stand in your way?’
‘What’s the first step you need to take?’



Focus Mentors will generally:


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