How Well Do You Know Yourself?

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Self awareness is the first principle of being Savvi – a framework we at Savran have developed to help our clients, managers, teams and parents to enhance their performance and achieve personal or professional goals. Savvi is an acronym and S stands for self-awareness. The questions that arise here are “What actually is self-awareness? What are its benefits? How can it help me in managing different aspects of my life?”

The answer is very simple. Self-Awareness is having a clear insight of your character. Having knowledge of your strengths, areas of development, beliefs and emotions allows you to take control of the direction your life is headed in. When you are aware about your personality, you construct new possibilities which takes your potential to a whole new level.

If one is parenting or managing, self-awareness can have a huge impact as it creates the ability to take on challenges better and provides a clear understanding of your predictable behaviour. In the case of parenting, children are often seen to learn by modelling their parents’ behaviour. A parent who is self-aware about his/her actions, elicits such actions from their children too. Even when you’re managing a company and a team of people, a team will look up to you for the actions you take. Thus, self-awareness lets us think from others’ viewpoints and benefits our relationships, communications and decision making.

For example, ask yourself what kind of a driver are you? Are you a chivalrous driver who often gives way to others or do you find yourself speeding and switching lanes to get around slower drivers? If the latter, does this disturb you or the others in the car with you, and your driving experience in general? How does it affect the other people on the road? Now, if I am self-aware of my driving I can make better choices that can provide a much better experience for myself, my passengers, and the other people on the road, which in return would make me feel better. By obeying the traffic rules and etiquettes, I might encourage others to do the same. I may even find different routes so that I don’t have to rush or decide to take my time because life is just so much more pleasant that way!

Tao Ching said it so well “Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom”

We are basically three different persons; the person other people think we are, the person we think we are and the person we really are. To rightly know one’s self is the ultimate goal. Knowing yourself is about being aware of your core values, primacies and dreams. It means valuing your strengths and flaws. Your desires and doubts. Your tolerance and your limitations. Being conscious of your strong points increases your confidence, which encourages you to take challenges. You also learn about the specific disparaging patterns of your behaviour, which lets you look for means to transfigure them in order to gain control over your life. You recognise your core values, which allows you to make superior choices that are aligned with your true self. You distinguish your weaknesses and convert them into your allies, which results is a new set of skills that guarantees a more fulfilling life. This procedure converts fear and resistance into candidness to nurture and explore. It permits the concealed obstacles to dissolve and transforms the fear of knowing oneself into a voyage of exploration, innovation and self-fulfillment.

Michael Jackson’s song “Man in the mirror” is truly inspiring in this regard. What he states in his song is that if you want to make a change, start with the man in the mirror. Analyse yourself. Ask yourself to change. Be driven to get better and better each time you look in the mirror.

Like Mahatma Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world”. That’s how you can make an impact.

There’s lots of undesirable and sad things out there. By making a change in ourselves, we put a barrier to this negative flow and prevent it from spreading to others.

If you want to make this world a better place, all you need to do is change yourself. Focus on yourself and become a better individual. Having a self-deep analysis will help you know where you actually stand.

But most of us haven’t been able to explore themselves in the true sense and this is where Savran steps in. We have been effectively increasing self-awareness in our clients through helping them to recognise their strengths and areas of development. We do this via tools and coaching principles that are neither biased nor judgmental, which makes our clients have complete “buy in” and induces the motivation to change. – A change that will boost their performance and help them in accomplishing personal and professional objectives.