Top Tips for Hiring the Right People

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Psychologists explain unconscious bias as our ‘people preferences’. We naturally favour those who look like us, sound like us and are interested in the same things. This can deter you from hiring the best candidate for the job and hinder diversity within your team. An example of this was made evident in a survey that revealed that the height of Fortune 500 CEOs was on average 2.5 inches taller than the average American man, suggesting that a taller man was more likely to be hired as a CEO.

Ensure you are hiring a candidate for a role that suits their strengths. This will allow them to perform at their best and give you the level of enthusiasm and commitment that you want to see from an employee. For example, a natural communicator is likely to thrive in a sales job where they are able to interact with others.

As well as looking at a candidate’s technical abilities, it is important to consider their people skills and how well they would work with others. This can differentiate between hiring a good candidate versus an outstanding one. For example, a suitable candidate on paper who also advocates the importance of team work may be a better fit for a particular environment rather than someone who may prefer working independently.

If a candidate’s values align with the organisational values, they are likely to share similar aspirations as the business. This will contribute to a stronger culture within the business. For example, an employee who has shared values of progress, innovation and excellence is likely to strive towards these in their work.

Could this candidate be a potential leader in the business? Hiring someone who has long-term potential is a good way of improving retention rates, reducing recruitment agency fees and ensuring employees stay loyal and committed. For example, hiring someone who you think could progress to managerial level with the right training is a good investment and allows for continuity within the business.

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