SheSavvi Retreat

SheSavvi Mind & Body Retreat: Reflect…Reset…and Rise. Your journey begins here.
Location: The Life Co, Bodrum, Turkey
Date: 14-19 April 2024

Savran Line

The Life Co, Bodrum, Turkey

14 - 19 April 2024

Prepare to embark on a 5-night journey of holistic well-being with like-minded women who share a passion for personal transformation.

SavviSheMind & Body Retreat

Savran Line

Do you ever feel like you're constantly juggling your time, pouring your heart and soul into those around you, your work, or your business, to the point where you've kind of lost touch with your own self? Have you ever found yourself standing at a crossroads, yearning for a change of direction or a fresh sense of purpose? Or maybe, you just need to hit the brakes on the runaway train that is your life and take a moment to catch your breath?

The SheSavvi Mind & Body Retreat is your invitation to:
●    Reset your body and mind
●    Make conscious friends for life
●    Clarify the next chapter in your life
●    Let go of feeling lost, stagnated and unsatisfied

If that sounds all too familiar, then this retreat is just for you. Savran has partnered with The Life Co and what is categorised as “The World’s Best Detox Programme”, taking place in the vibrant and elusive Bodrum, Turkey.

We invite you toembark on this transformative journey that is more than just a holiday, it’s achance to nurture your mind, body, and spirit.

Package Details

Savran Line

At SavviShe Mind & Body Retreat, we offer two accommodation options: 

Shared Room at The Life Co Bodrum: £2000

Single Room at The Life Co Bodrum: £2500

Let's get into the details of what the programme includes:

🚶Morning Walks: Start your day by immersing yourself in the tranquility of nature with refreshing morning walks. These walks not only rejuvenate your spirit but also kickstart your metabolism.
🌿 Nutrient-Rich Meals: Nurture your body with a carefully crafted menu of immune-boosting, wholesome meals. These culinary delights are designed to support your overall well-being. 
🧘Yoga & Meditation: Explore the profound benefits of yoga and meditation, fostering a deeper connection with your inner self, enhancing flexibility, and reducing stress.
🏋️Group Exercise: Engage in dynamic group workouts that promise not only to invigorate your body but also to boost your energy levels.
🗣️ Wellbeing Talks & Workshops: Our wellness experts will share invaluable insights and knowledge, guiding you on your personal wellness journey.
🍃 Alkalising: Discover the wonders of alkalizing your body, a practice that optimizes health and promotes vitality.

Let's get into the details of what the programme includes:

🎯 Personalised Session: Before the retreat, enjoy a tailored30-minute session that addresses your unique needs and goals. 
📚 Engaging Group Sessions: Dive into empowering themes over five days, igniting personal growth and transformation among our participants. 
🤝 One-on-One Coaching Sessions: Benefit from private, personalised coaching sessions that help you conquer challenges and achieve profound breakthroughs. 
🌟 Embrace Positive Change: Learn powerful strategies to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities in a world brimming with possibilities. 
🧭 Mindful Self-Discovery: Uncover your inner strength and unlock your full potential through introspection and interactive discussions.

About Rita Chowdhry

Rita Chowdhry is an award-winning coach with 35 years of experience in coaching, learning, and development. She holds a Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching, advanced behavioral consultant credentials, and is a corporate DISC trainer for psychometric profiling. Rita is a member of the ICF and CPD accredited, as well as the published author of GET SAVVI, a book about thriving in the modern day.

About Leah Chowdhry

Leah Chowdhry is a trailblazing British Asian woman who conquered the English Channel, raised £250,000 for charity, and leads the award-winning mobile childcare company, Pop up Party and Play. She supports tech startups, authored "Making A Splash," and received numerous awards, including Women of the Year 2019 and The British Citizenship Medal. Leah inspires audiences through keynote speaking and panel discussions, promoting resilience and positivity. 

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